We have three talented resident bartenders running the bar. They worked together with Yen Pham who is a big Asian restaurant cocktail bar influence in Brussels to create our signature cocktail menu.

Cosmin (Head Bartender)

A controversial bartender in the London scene, he's been twice 'World Class Diageo-UK' semifinalist and mixing star winner in 2016, he has previously lead the team at critically acclaimed 'Nine lives bar', he has a unique approach to drinks, flavours and concepts being inspired by art and music. He has worked previously with great bartenders that left a mark in the industry such as Joey Medrigton, Tom Soden and Andy Pope.

Gabor Molnar

A bartender who loves challenges and always tries to bounce the maximum limits.
Experienced in high-end restaurants in London and 5-star hotel in his country Hungary but in his heart, he's a badass. Always focusing on the guest's mood and giving the best to satisfy their wishes.
Big wine and whisky enthusiast and truly believes in his motto: " Come in as a stranger, leave as a friend." If your having a bad day just visit him and he's going to cheer you up.

Sumin Oh

He studied bartending from an authentic Japanese Bartender. Bartended internationally at locations such as Seoul, Melbourne and currently in London. His cocktail inspiration stems from exploring the world and meeting new people this enthusiasm and passion is reflected in my cocktails. Not your everyday bartender, he is someone who cares and empathises with his clients.
Sumin’s approach to bartending is providing a great relationship with the customer as well as serving them a great drink.
Free to ask for his latest recommendations.