Issho-Ni means “together with” in Japanese. Located in Shoreditch, Issho-Ni is a chic Japanese restaurant & cocktail bar. A place where people can gather to enjoy good food and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our concept is simple, we serve delicious small sharing plates of Japanese food, Izakaya style. Our head chef created the menu with a twist on Japan’s traditional dishes alongside our head bartender to create cocktails that complement each dish.

Founder & Director Claire Su

Passionate about food and drink she travelled the world to seek new and innovative ideas to bring back to London. Her all-time favourite destination was Japan, which inspired her to start her own Japanese restaurant in order to share her knowledge and enthusiasm of their culture, culinary talents, and understanding of simple flavours.

She has a pastry background and creates one-time limited pastries that are sold out as soon as they are available. Claire’s family holds sentimental value to Issho-Ni since it was formerly the first noodle bar (Noodle King) to operate in the area by her parents, feeding many local families.

Following in her parents’ footsteps, Claire created Issho-Ni, a restaurant where people can meet to enjoy delicious cuisine, beverages, and a fantastic atmosphere (together).


Head Chef Eduardo Aguiar

Eduardo began his work in the traditional Japanese manner, cleaning dishes at Keiseki restaurant Soseki in the City of London. It wasn’t long before the head chef saw his eagerness to learn more.

After completing a full sushi chef apprenticeship, he was able to absorb skills necessary for running a Japanese kitchen and has since worked in a number of high-profile restaurants such as Roka, Moshi Moshi, and Chisou. He has vast experience in opening new restaurants and creating menus for Kiri and Bone Daddies.

Eduardo now demonstrates his culinary expertise and enthusiasm for Japanese cuisine as the head chef at Issho-Ni, where he serves exquisite sharing platters of Japanese food and sushi.

Claire and Eduardo both think that fresh, high-quality ingredients should be made and presented in simple, yet delicious ways. On the dish, everything serves a purpose. Flavours, garnish, sauces, texture, and colour are all essential in every dish and cocktail.