Take home our signature cocktails. Coming in 200ml bottles, which serves 2. 

 The only equipment you need is a glass and some ice. Simply pour into your glass. 

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Bloody Geisha:

A Japanese twist on a Bloody Mary. Pairs well with meat. Vodka, Tomato juice, homemade spice mix. 200ml.


Bourbon infused Sobacha (Buckwheat tea), Tonka bean, Vanilla bitter. 200ml.

Plum & Chocolate Negroni:

Great to start the meal with. Bitter Chocolate finish. Cocoa nib infused Gin, Campari, Red Vermouth, Plum Sake. 200ml.


A Japanese twist on a Margarita. Refreshing and slightly peaty. Pairs well with salty edamame and great with fried dishes. Tequila, Mezcal, Agave, Yuzu, Agave, Shiso. 200ml


Whisky, Honest, Ginger, Lemon. Served over ice. Slightly peaty, sour, heat from the ginger. Ginger acts as a palate cleanser. Pairs well with raw fish, sushi, sashimi. 200ml.