Take home our signature cocktails. Coming in 200ml bottles, which serves 2. 

 The only equipment you need is a glass and some ice. Simply pour into your glass. 

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Bloody Geisha:

A Japanese twist on a Bloody Mary. Pairs well with meat. Vodka, Tomato juice, homemade spice mix. 200ml.

Cherry Blossom:

Coffee infused Gin, amaretto, cherry jam, lime

Japanese Pornstar:

Vodka, jasmine, passion fruit, lime, prosecco


Bourbon infused Sobacha (Buckwheat tea), Tonka bean, Vanilla bitter. 200ml.


A Japanese twist on a Margarita. Refreshing and slightly peaty. Pairs well with salty edamame and great with fried dishes. Tequila, Mezcal, Agave, Yuzu, Agave, Shiso. 200ml

Tori From Fushimi:

Roku Gin, bitter blanco, white vermouth


Whisky, Honest, Ginger, Lemon. Served over ice. Slightly peaty, sour, heat from the ginger. Ginger acts as a palate cleanser. Pairs well with raw fish, sushi, sashimi. 200ml.